About GJFF

Investment Purpose

The Fund has the following primary investment purposes:

  • Improve food security in the GCC.
  • Develop on a sustainable basis the food and agribusiness sectors within the GCC and Japan, and facilitate the adoption of best-practice and innovative business models.
  • Cultivate demand in the GCC and wider regional markets for Japanese food & cuisine culture, promoting the export of Japanese food and agri products and facilitating direct investment in and by Japanese food and agribusiness companies with superior technology and know-how.

Investment Objective

The objective for the Fund is to generate superior financial returns for investors.  This may be achieved through the following:

  • Investing expansion capital in select opportunities in the agriculture and food processing sector.
  • Direct investments in food and agribusiness companies (including in listed equities).
  • Developing integrated solutions of scale by partnering with proven business operators, both Japanese and GCC players, and leveraging the combined strengths.

The Fund, in order to achieve its stated investment objective and investment purpose, will act as a platform to provide risk capital to businesses that strengthen the food value chain from Japan to the GCC and other markets, such as the wider Middle East and the global Halal market.

Investment Policy

The Fund will make investments in accordance with the following:

  • Co-investment with Japanese food and agribusiness related companies, in order to support and enlarge their direct investment capacity.
  • Undertake investments that convey the allure of and expand the demand for Japanese food and agri products and Japanese cuisine culture.
  • Undertake investments that exploit and develop the superior, proven technology and know-how of Japanese food and agribusiness related companies.

Primary Geographic Focus

The primary geographic investment focus of the Fund will be in the GCC, followed by Japan.  Not more than 20% of the Fund will be allocated outside the GCC and Japan.